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Inner Wheel is one of the world’s largest women’s voluntary service organisations with non governmental organisation status at the United Nations and has representatives in Geneva, New York and Vienna. At the moment the clubs have more than 103 000 members in over 103 countries.
The beginning of Inner Wheel was set on January 10th , 1924 in Manchester (Great Britain), when Mrs. Margarette Golding presided a club established by Rotarian’s wives . Every year this day is celebrated as the World’s Inner Wheel Day.
At this date the name of Inner Wheel was given to the club, to symbolize the connection between Rotary and the smaller wheel inside. To the end of 1967 Inner Wheel clubs were formed all over the world and it was decided to set up International Inner Wheel.





The objectives of all ladies are the same no matter of their nationality:

  • To promote true friendship
  • To encourage the ideas of personal service
  • To foster international understanding

The first Inner Wheel Club of Bulgaria was established in 1997 in Plovdiv.

First Bulgarian District is registered in IIW with number 248. It unites 9 clubs and became operational in 2004/2005 IW year. Since then, the overall number of clubs in Bulgaria is growing and now there are 20.

In June 2008, in the town of Horsens, has been signed Memorandum of Friendship between District 248 and District 45 - Denmark.

In October 2011 Inner Wheel Club Plovdiv hosted the First Balkan Meeting of the Inner Wheel Club of Balkan countries attended four countries - Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania and Croatia.

In May 2012, in the town of Castellammare di Stabia, has been signed a Memorandum of friendship between District 248 and District 210 - Italy

By decision of the clubs in District 248 , new step is made in the Inner Wheel and so by 2013/2014 IW year Bulgaria is a country with National Representative.